Make profit pulling, highly engaging videos for your clients

No got to Be An Expert or maybe Spell Adobe! Just stir up Covrr Studio, import the video, and with a couple of mouse clicks you've got a video built on profit pulling tactics which will be beautiful and proven to convert! You don’t even need to be ready to spell Adobe to make profit pulling, highly engaging videos for your clients.
100% Cloud Based Platform Works On Any Computer. Done-for-you Wrapper Templates that gets you all the eyeballs , Customize with Creatives from Gifs, Emojis, Images, and more! Timeline editor to feature elements at any point in your video! (First to Market) Create Any Length Of Video – FAST!, Add your own Branding and customize the design of your videos, Progress Bars and Countdown Timers to Max Your Conversions. Create Unlimited compulsive Videos (Without Upgrading).
Today i'm getting to share with you ways to swipe the key that gurus are using to urge millions & many views on their content over and once again while your videos are dying on the vine… …and, how you'll take any ordinary, boring video and switch it into a highly engaging, profit pulling video in minutes… Covrr Studio Agency

Connect as many social media accounts as you want dashboard

Discover the simplest content across videos, articles, GIFs, memes, images, quotes in one place. Uncover trends and actionable insights from social data to tell marketing and brand strategy. Enhance your social posts with multimedia assets. Store, edit & publish images and videos from a centralized library and track relevant metrics to live content performance across networks. Repurpose content and make it look unique.

Browse & Discover : Our AI technology goes beyond expectations in matching your requirements with a good range of viral content options.
Create & Customize : Create unlimited posts/campaigns using our state of the art & simplistic tools.
Schedule & Publish : Publish your content INSTANTLY across platforms like Twitter, IG, Facebook Pages, LinkedIn, YouTube, Shopify, WooComm, Etsy with an easy click & witness the magic unfold.

Marketers/Business Owners: Sell your product remotely by creating your social media customer base. Post effortless creative content & grow with the insights.

Agencies/Enterprise-Level Businesses:
Say goodbye to expensive rents & heavy maintenance Sell your products on social media, post updates of discounts and merchandise details with great ease!

Social Media: Connect as many social media accounts as you want… Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc. Now manage your account on all popular social media platforms from one single dashboard.
RSS Feeds : Add as many RSS Feeds as you would like to start out curating articles right inside your dashboard. Just type within the feed name, pick a feed and sit back!
eCom Stores: Connect your Shopify, WooCommerce, Dropshiply or Etsy store to schedule product updates! Creating a buzz around your products was never this easy. Leverage the facility of online shopping like never before.
WordPress Blogs: Have many WP blogs? No problem! Now connect all of them inside Viral Dashboard and manage all of your sites here… you'll post, share, read all of your content in one place! you'll also share your posts to social media in 1-Click! Give your readership a simple & powerful boost from one central hub! Viral Dashboard COUPON CODE

T-shirts are a staple in anybody's wardrobe but when they're a trendy design

revenue also once you have your ebook live and ready to go on Amazon you can easily convert that into a paperback book a physical book that you can sell and make even more money from you can also convert that physical book into an audiobook and make more money on so this is also like a three-in-one making it a very lucrative way for you to make money if you're consistent uploading books number three is for the artistic and creative folks out there its merged by Amazon this is a print on demand service that amazon offers t-shirts are something that everybody wears no matter what part of the world you're from t-shirts are a staple in anybody's wardrobe but when they're a trendy design on the t-shirt it's even better and that's basically what merch by Amazon is you bring the design to the table you upload it to Amazon and they take care of the rest for you this is similar to KDP of course having a graphic design background or knowing how to design graphics is a huge plus but you don't have to know that just yet you can learn this skill by taking classes online on sites like Skillshare and udemy or even watching lots of YouTube videos or you can research and brainstorm different designs that you know will be trendy and will sell well on Amazon and then hire a graphic designer from Fiverr or up work to do the design for you merch by Amazon is via invitation only so you have to come to this page here scroll down and click on this blue box here to request your invitation once they have an open spot for you they will email you letting you know that you've been accepted once you've been accepted you can log into a dashboard that looks like this as you see right here it says tier 25 so you'll get started with 25 different designs once you've sold 25 t-shirts you'll go on to the next tier which is I think a hundred different designs as with everything that we're talking about today it's all a numbers game the more you do the more chances you have of making sales and actually making a decent amount of money so I started this account long long ago years and years ago and I just uploaded some designs and never really came back to it there's never really interested me but if you're apt for fashion and graphic this may be something you'd like fill in the different details on the colors the listing price and then just keep uploading as often as you can royalties for your t-shirt designs are really going to depend on what you're selling whether it's short sleeves long sleeves hoodies tank tops it just depends I will leave a pricing chart down in the description just so you could a better idea about how much you'd be making per item and I'm pretty sure that this works similar to KDP you get paid via direct deposit or check around the 29th of each month so merch by Amazon can really be treated as a hobby to make some extra cash here and there or it can be treat like a legit business where you put your all into it study profitable niches find out which designs are trendy and which ones sell the most and just study the game next up is to become an Amazon associate or an Amazon influencer put simply what this means is that you're going to partner up with Amazon linked to one of their many products that they have available on their store and you'll get a commission for bringing traffic to their store skills you won't eat for this method really just depends on what you want to do where you want to build a platform or build an audience if you're a great writer you can build a blog and then promote products that relate to the topics you're writing about if you are good with people you like communication you like interaction you like photography type things you can build an audience on Instagram and Facebook and then promote the products that you like that relate to the topics you're talking about basically you need to find a platform that works well with the skills you already have where you can upload content consistently and promote products consistently so that you can make a decent revenue with the Amazon Associates slash influencer Local Sites Go Ultimate COUPON CODE


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